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Lord Beaverbrook - 2009

Contact: Maureen Pettigrew

Team Name: Composting Diva’s and the Water Squad

Campaign Goal:

To reduce waste into the garbage and create a usable substance- compost.

What did we do?

  • Received 3 wooden compost bins ( built from recycled wooden pallets) from Clean Calgary and set outside.
  • Set out 20 containers to collect compost twice weekly ( these pails were labeled as to what couldn’t go in them).
  • Recorded amount collected weekly and charted.
  • Calculated how much CO 2 was reduced.

The Best Part

Seeing the students get excited about composting and the increase in acceptance of the process as the year continued.


Plan, have students build the compost bins, really promote the process with both staff and students. Not everyone is on board. Clean indoor pails weekly and be on the look out for fruit flies, use lots of browns to reduce these outdoors.

Comments about the Campaign

People thought it would smell and be offensive to look at. We did have a problem with the health inspector and had to move the bins further from the door. We did have to deal with fruit flies. High school students were knot that receptive at first and didn’t want to open the pails to but their compostables into. Teachers supervising the cafeteria were not as helpful as expected due to dealing with behavior management rather than environmental issues. Miscommunication with the industrial cooking teacher, they thought composting did not happen in the winter and was hard to convince otherwise. Mostly everyone was supportive as long as it did not create a smell or flies and did not add to their work load.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Initially were going to place sensors in the sinks in the girls washrooms however because of vandalism issues throughout the system were counseled not to do this. The alternate was to upgrade the irrigation to the biome bed, which is underway. We also have raised $1500.00 to build biosand filters in schools in India. We built a biosand filter which is now working at our school to show everyone how they work. It took us several days to build and the students got a real sense of what and how important clean water is. One of the fund raising tools we used was the sale of biodegradable pens. Expensive, but neat.