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McKenzie Lake - 2009

Contact: Malinda Hatch

Team Name: DC Club

Campaign Goal:

To get our school recycling more items, like tin cans, glass jars... everything that can go into the Blue Bins... plus proper disposal of batteries and cellphones.

What did we do?

  • We made posters.
  • We gave each class a small laminated poster with pictures of the new items that could be recycled and asked them to find an unused box to collect items each week.
  • We advertised on the PA system (kids in our club wrote announcements).

The Best Part

Having the kids collect the items each week (they loved it)


Think of a catchy name... we didn't and I think it would help. Organize a way to take the items to the recycling bins ie: parent volunteers (right now teachers are doing it).

Comments about the Campaign

Not much...recycling more was hard for the teachers...but we are slowly helping them form new habits with the help of the students.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes we did...we are recycling more than we did before...our new recycling bins are getting used each week.