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William Aberhart - 2009

Contact: Claudia Fehres and Marlene Jones

Team Name: Destination Conservation Club

Campaign Goal:

We wanted to reduce the amount of paper towels used at our school.

What did we do?

  • We brainstormed ideas and decided to design and produce small messages which we then attached to all paper towel containers in the building.
  • We created several different messages so that students would still read them whenever they helped themselves to a paper towel.
  • All of the messages gave information about how many paper towels fit into one container, how many students could have a paper towel when needed if they restrained themselves to using one instead of several etc.

The Best Part

Coming up with the actual messages to put on our paper towel dispensers was fun and we also got feedback throughout the year that was positive and therefore rewarding. Even the caretakers noticed a drop in paper towel usage.


This campaign was easy to do, cost next to nothing in materials, and was noticed much more than big posters and much fancier displays!

Comments about the Campaign

The admin team, care-taking staff, other students and leadership all made positive comments.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We reached our goal of reducing paper towel use. Another goal was for students to have a paper towel when needed. By the end of the day, sometimes by lunch time, the dispensers used to be empty! It was frustrating for everyone when there were no paper towels to use and when the caretakers spent a lot of time trying to keep refilling them. Now the paper towels last until the end of the day!

Other Campaigns

We also worked on a recycling campaign for cell phones.