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McNicoll Park Middle - 2010

Contact: Carla Kildaw

Team Name: DC Team

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

To inform and educate our school about recycling and making a smaller ecological footprint…and having fun.

What did we do?

    Organized events

  • hosted an Earth Day Assembly including a video on comparing the garbage cans of two different teachers, separating it into actual garbage and recyclable items, and putting a challenge out to classes to do a better job
  • during assembly’s organized games/challenges for students to share what they knew about recycling
  • still in the process of hosting an Eco-Fashion Show, classes will produce an accessory made purely from recyclable material and than present it in the fashion show
  • Made weekly announcements (trivia and reminders ex: Earth Hour)

The Best Part

The Earth Day Assembly, we incorporated games to inform and inspire the school.


Have fun with it, and start early!!

Comments about the Campaign

They really liked it; they thought that every assembly should include some form of info from the DC group about our Earth. They enjoyed the challenges that the group put out there for classes to get involved in.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes, but we feel like we are not done yet, there seems to be better use of garbage’s and recycle bins, we still need to complete our class challenge by rechecking garbage cans. (Needed to start earlier)

What we are most proud of

The assembly organized purely by the students in DC.