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Rolla Traditional - 2009

Contact: Lisa Tenta

Team Name: Rolla Green Team

Campaign Goal:

  • To get our school using paper more efficiently
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Reduce the amount of paper being used
  • Our school was using and recycling too much paper and the paper was not being used efficiently. So we worked on...

  • Single sided usage
  • Not all the paper was used (small scribbles on sheets)
  • Teachers using too many worksheets
  • We were recycling up to four garbage bags of paper every week

What did we do?

    In January we took a sample of a 100 sheets of paper from our school’s paper recycling bins

  • 25 sheets from the copy/office room
  • 25 sheets from the k/1 class
  • 25 sheets from the 2/3/4 class
  • 25 sheets from the 5/6/7 class
  • We made a checklist to see how the paper was being used (Double sided, single sided, not used at all)

    We then presented our results to the school at a month end assembly and reported out our project goal

    In May we took another 100 sheet sample to record our results

The Best Part

The best part of the campaign is knowing that we were all working together to decrease Rolla Traditional School’s carbon footprint. Our efforts can make a difference. (Coming to the DC Workshops and learning more about how we can improve our environment was pretty cool too☺)


  • Keep your project simple – focus on one improvement
  • Make sure you meet regularly to discuss the campaign. Be sure to leave time to work on the gallery project ( It is important to take pride in our efforts)

Comments about the Campaign

  • Staff, students, & parents were all supportive of our project.
  • Our parents are impressed by the amount of work and pride that has gone into our school wide recycling at our school.
  • Teachers are starting to brainstorm ways of using less photocopies paper.
  • We are all becoming more accountable for the amount of paper being used in our building.
  • At Rolla Traditional School we no longer simply RECYCLE PAPER we are RETHINKING PAPER USE!

Did We Reach our Goal?

Our school has decreased the amount of paper being used and recycled on a weekly basis but we are still not using paper efficiently, most of the paper counted from May 100 sample was not used or single sided.

What we are planning to work on next

    We feel that we partially reached our goal but will continue to work on it next year. Here are some of our ideas for next year:

  • Pile up all of our recycled paper for a month in the hallway (PAPER MOUNTAIN) to show staff and students how much paper is being used
  • Our Green Team will present to every class. Highlighting the ways to efficiently use paper
  • Have classroom RETHINK paper use challenges
  • Our Green Team will make a presentation to teachers about how they can cut down their paper use