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Rolla Traditional - 2010

Contact: Lisa Tenta

Team Name: Green Team

Campaign Goal:

The goal of our campaign was to have our school use less electricity by getting the students and staff to turn off the lights.

What did we do?

  • With the help of Katie (from DC / NEAT) we hosted a mini “Destination Conservation” workshop for our entire school. Our focus was Energy Conservation.
  • We collected data, (Checklist) to assess the ENERGY NEEDS of our school.
  • WE decided that we were using a lot of energy by leaving lights on, especially the boys and girls bathrooms.
  • We held a slogan contest to come up with a catchy phrase for our lights out campaign – Light Out When You are NOT About.
  • Posters were made and put up around the school, reminders about our campaign during the morning announcements.
  • Data collected (Checklist) for a month, made observations about what was happening.

The Best Part

The best part of our campaign was saving energy. Our school changed form lights on to lights off. We made a difference.


The advice we would give other schools would be to collect data, make something that will remind people to turn off lights like posters, and then keep collecting data to see if you make a difference.

Comments about the Campaign

The teachers and parents were very supportive of our campaign. They helped out at the DC mini workshop and let us speak to their classes when needed. Parents received monthly updates about our campaign through newsletters, PAC meetings and at our month end assemblies.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes – we did reach our goal. After about a month following the posters being put up, we saw a change to more lights being turned off in our school. A Change to LIGHTS OFF!

What we are most proud of

We are most proud that we are saving energy and helping out the earth!

Additional Info

We would like to recognize the Rolla Traditional School Green Team and Mrs. Tenta for all their hard work. We the Rolla Traditional School Green Team feel that we are making a difference. We are happy about the improvements we are making.