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Varsity Acres - 2010

Contact: Mlle. Dominique Gauvin

Campaign Goal:

To help improve our environment with small and big acts. To help raise awareness in our school for environmental issues.

What did we do?

  • litterless lunches
  • lights out campaign
  • turning recyclable paper into little notebooks
  • we are making a bulletin board to advertize environmental issues
  • we have joined in a scholastic contest to save boreal rainforests

The Best Part

Watching people change habits and being able to give awards to people who are making the effort and making a difference.


Start early in the year, inform people of what is going to be done, be organized, it is easier to achieve more with more time allocated to campaigns.

Comments about the Campaign

Teachers said they noticed how much work we were doing. People were surprised at how much paper we had saved. People were excited to find out that they had won a prize for their efforts. People were happy to know that they were making a difference. They were excited to know that we had saved 50 trees with our recycled paper campaign.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Our goals were to try to make a difference in our environment. Even a small effort can make a difference. We managed to save quite a bit of paper. We also noticed how many people had litterless lunches. We saw some changes in habits. We wanted to save some trees, we saved 50+. Our principal was thrilled that we were saving paper. In fact we noticed that people are actually wasting less paper. There is less paper to recycle.

What we are most proud of

We are proud of how much progress we have made. We made a goal and achieved it. At the beginning of the year, there were less people with litterless lunches and now there are more. Parents are using more reusable containers.

Additional Info

We would like to recognize our school for their efforts in helping us to make a difference in our environment. We would like to give ourselves a pat on the back too, because we worked hard and achieved something special this year.