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Silver Springs - 2010

Contact: Christine Dennis

Team Name: DC Kids

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

To recycle paper and cardboard materials throughout the school and to encourage school members to use paper wisely.

What did we do?

  • created a mascot Mr. Paperclip.
  • collected, weighed and recycled paper and cardboard for the entire school
  • presented skits at an assembly encouraging wise paper use
  • awarded classes and individuals who demonstrated wise paper use

The Best Part

Seeing paper waste reduction over the months.


Look for ways to give positive reinforcement for GOOD practice, rather than criticize poor practice.

Comments about the Campaign

Students were excited about being recognized by the DC Kids, and made concerted efforts in an attempt to earn time with Mr. Paperclip.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes, we observed paper waste reduction.

What we are most proud of

That we observed paper waste reduction over the months.