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Glendale School - 2010

Contact: Kara Rowley / Darren Vaast

Team Type: Class

Campaign Goal:

  • To reinvigorate our school wide composting program across all grades by promoting awareness.
  • To get all grade groups to have a compost bin in each classroom.

What did we do?

Held a poster contest - The students worked in Buddy groupings (Grade One and four) to create informative, exciting, and k-6 accessible posters promoting our composting program.

The Best Part

Having the whole school and parents voting while they were on display.


Contests are great for communicating a message.

Comments about the Campaign

Parents were very pleased to be included in the process, students enjoyed getting a chance to express their opinions by voting.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We did! Every class has a compost bin and we are working on our fourth bin!

What we are most proud of

The kids' effort.

Additional Info

We would like to thank Community Natural Foods they donated prizes for the poster winners and the compost bins last year.