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Vista Heights - 2010

Contact: Denise Calvert

Team Name: DC Angels

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

To inform the students of different ideas that they could do to reduce their eco footprint.

What did we do?

  • researched different kid friendly environmental ideas that were “doable”
  • typed them up and put them on large footprints to be used in the assembly and then later posted along the hallways
  • assembly with a skit - Eco Heros VS the Garbage Gangsters

The Best Part

All of the learning of practical ideas that we could use as children. The assembly was fun and interactive. The acting was OUTSTANDING!


To make sure that their advice is kid friendly and they can do it independently.

Comments about the Campaign

Everyone appreciated the practical advice and how easy it was to make a change to be more environmentally friendly.

Did We Reach our Goal?

At this time we are unsure as many activities could also be applied at home.

What we are most proud of

The determination of our DC Angels to ensure that the students are aware of what they can do to help the environment. Our DC teams have changed our school and environmental practices in their own homes.

Additional Info

Our custodian, Mr. B. has been keen to be part of our DC team and ensures that our recycling tubs are collected with the regular garbage. He has also ensured that he recycles any containers he uses for his cleaning. We would also like to thank the entire staff at our school who have been recycling everything, turning out the lights and collecting their fruit peels for our worms.

Other Campaigns

    Continued to maintain all existing programs in our school:

  • composting worms
  • recycling all paper / cardboard, plastic, cans, juice boxes
  • Earth Day Gym Sale :resell items we are finished with and donate the profits to Right to Play
  • care for our Garden of Peace / weeding, etc.
  • visited the landfill and MRF recycling depot and study biodegradeabletime table
  • continue to promote our litterless lunch campaign
  • monitor our light use by removing almost 50% of the light bulbs where they are not necessary (library and hallways), as well as utilizing bank lighting in all classrooms