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Ethel M Johnson - 2010

Contact: Karen Hardie

Team Name: EMJ Green Team

Team Type: Class

Campaign Goal:

  • reduce paper waste by increasing recycling within the school
  • reduce recycling by reducing paper use through increased use of technology in our class

What did we do?

  • collect and sort paper and beverage container recycling on a weekly basis
  • educate teachers and students about the importance of recycling
  • educate teachers and students about recycling routines at our school
  • encourage teachers to use digital means of communication
  • school newsletter only online

    email parents for communication

    lessons available on class website

    view digital photography on computers

    read books on i-pods

    submit assignments through email

    teacher blogs to replace agendas

  • to reduce the negative environmental factors associated with technology we:
  • use rechargable batteries

    ensure lights are turned off when not necessary

    use i-pods instead of laptops when applicable

    ensure computers and smartboards are turned off when not in use

The Best Part

    Using more technology and less worksheets to complete classroom work.

  • This allowed for lessons to be more interactive and engaging while reducing the demand on paper within the class.
  • Students prefer learning in digital formats.


  • D2L is an excellent resource for easily creating online lessons
  • survey parents to determine which students have internet access at home
  • send D2L instructions home so that parents can view assignments
  • set up teacher blogs to replace paper agendas (we are currently implementing this)
  • show parents D2L at interviews to increase their familiarity with the site
  • add parent email addresses to your contacts book

Comments about the Campaign

  • parents appreciate receiving emails and blog updates as they can check them at their own convenience
  • teachers are impressed with the amount of technology used in our class
  • students are excited to learn online

Did We Reach our Goal?

  • yes we reached our goal
  • all paper in our class is recycled
  • less paper recycling is collected each week since most work is completed in digital formats

What we are most proud of

As their teacher, I am most proud of how this group of students with special needs is showing leadership within the school. The students take their role as recycling collectors very seriously and diligently complete this task each week. Within the class, students have also taken the time to learn how to use new forms of digital communication to reduce the amount of work completed on paper. These students consistently access more digital resources than students in the community programs at our school.

Additional Info

I would like to recognize our facility operator, Ron Mallett. Ron joined the staff at Ethel M Johnson this year and is a valuable member of our DC team. Daily, I notice him sorting classroom garbage to ensure that paper and beverage containers were not accidentally tossed away. He then recycles these items. Also, Ron graciously shares his workroom with the students when they are sorting the beverage containers. This often becomes a messy operation. Rather than getting upset about the mess, Ron will work with the students to show them ways of making the job easier. I feel that Ron is very worthy of recognition within the DC community as he is an amazing facility operator.