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Capitol Hill - 2010

Contact: Janet Mossfeldt

Team Name: Project Green

Campaign Goal:

To remind students in our school to reduce energy consumption, recycle, use water wisely, and reduce idling.

What did we do?

Assembly including short skits, keynote slide show, singing, and an i-movie.

The Best Part

Preparing for the assembly. Each DC member led a group to develop and perform a short skit. Students were required to take photographs of “Healing the World” and learning the song by Michael Jackson.


Involve a whole class, not just the DC group.

Comments about the Campaign

Very positive feedback. The music and the photographs of examples from home and school really supported the message everyone can make a change and make a difference.

Did We Reach our Goal?

When we initially surveyed the water usage in our school, we discovered that there was not much we could focus on other than encouraging students to use a water bottle with ice in it rather than running the fountains. We already had automatic faucets and toilets with no tanks. We were already pretty water efficient, but have continued to make changes to the boys’ washroom with new motion sensors for the urinals. We have not yet had them for a full month, so we have no data yet. We will be selling water bottles with the school logo on them as well.

We experienced a sudden increase in the amount of energy used in our building and therefore we had to refocus on electricity. We have managed to reduce our energy consumption in the last three months by more than 10%.

What we are most proud of

The way we all pulled together to reduce the amount of energy used. It showed that if we work together, we can make a big difference.