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Douglasdale School - 2010

Contact: Kristan Kramer / Donna Gimbel / Carole Jones

Team Name: H2O Heroes

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

We wanted to spread awareness about water conservation and how precious our water resource is. Also to spread awareness that we as Canadians are lucky and that not everyone has water readily available like we do!

What did we do?

    We developed awareness around our school by:

  • adopting super hero identities to make our presence known
  • Doing the DC water check of our school
  • Making a slogan – “”Don’t be a drip. Be an H20 hero”
  • Making costumes of partially recycled materials
  • Hosting a DC event
  • Walking for water (entire school event)
  • Announcements on PA
  • Personal visits to each classroom in the school
  • Researching about water usage and pollution and about others’ access and usage of water
  • Publishing a water awareness brochure

The Best Part

H20 heroes!!!!!!! (Developing super hero identity)


  • make an identity (make yourself visible) – Mrs. Jones has already passed this advice on to a health club starting at our school
  • make a slogan
  • have lots of energy

Comments about the Campaign

    Teachers thought:

  • We should keep up the good work
  • We gave good information to their students
  • Students thought:

  • Our visits were fun
  • Our costumes were neat
  • The Motto was awesome
  • That our announcements were funny and had a great message
  • That their parents shouldn’t be “drips”

Did We Reach our Goal?

I think we definitely developed awareness in the school and some kids are going home and telling their parents. When our brochure goes out we feel we will reach even more of the community because our parents will tell their friends. Some of the students are talking about doing a webpage. Hopefully we will have time for all the exciting things the “H2O heroes” want to do!

What we are most proud of

Having Super Hero identities that students recognize and enjoy. One student said they liked the way we told them what TO do and not what NOT to do. We had a very positive campaign!

Additional Info

As teachers it was an honour to work with such a committed, dedicated and energetic group of students!