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Hillhurst School - 2010

Contact: Diane Crowley

Team Name: The Green Machine

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

This year our goal was… CONSERVING WATER!!!!!!! At Hillhurst School, we have been doing TONNES of things to conserve water.

What did we do?

  • Made posters to remind everyone to turn off the taps.
  • Placed posters over top of all the sinks in the school to make sure that people turned off taps.
  • Made a reminder poster so that the dishwasher in the community room was turned on only when full.
  • Completed the water audits around the school - checking faucets, water fountains, and taps.
  • Made graphs to show how much water we’ve been using.
  • By making these graphs, we’ve decided that we shouldn’t put the sprinklers on every other day in the summer, but we should only be using them when the grass absolutely needs it.
  • The graphs are displayed in the front hallway so people can see them.
  • Wrote “Water Facts” and put them on the announcements to remind students that water is important and we can’t live without it.
  • Four of our representatives completed interviews with the caretaker of our school and also the assistant principal. By doing this, Destination Conservation found more about water in our school.

The Best Part

The best part of the campaign was that everyone got to go on morning announcements to announce a water fact. This was fun!


  • Make a goal
  • Make sure that you bring up awareness to turn off taps, lights, computers etc. and then keep on reminding. Also make sure everyone knows that they are doing a great job!!
  • Get everyone involved (announcements, posters, assemblies)
  • Show charts in main hall or something else that shows the improvement
  • Representatives from each class instead of just one group
  • Keep track of improvement monthly
  • Recycle regularly

Comments about the Campaign

Our principal really appreciated our water fact announcements. She thought we did a good job on raising awareness as our total energy consumption lowered by 5% in our school this year compared to last year.

Showing the graphs at assemblies helped to make the whole school aware of what The Green Machine is doing. By recycling ourselves it’s encouraging others to recycle. The office staff makes sure they recycle. The computers are set like what we wanted just like last year.

Some people said that they feel our campaign is really making an impact; taps are turned off because of our signs making people think twice. The staff is noticing people turning off lights.

It was suggested that when spring comes we should check with the parents who look after watering the natural area playground about the use of the outdoor sprinklers. Hopefully, they will not have to be used as much as last year.

Other people say that the signs we make have made a huge impact and kids and staff are paying more attention to the announcements.

Did We Reach our Goal?

No we have not reached our goal yet. Our charts say that the amount of water we have used in the school has gone up a bit over some months which we have been monitoring. We get monthly statements of how much energy, water, and natural gas the school uses each month for our principal.

What we are most proud of

We are proud that our water posters about turning off taps are actually making kids conserve water. We are also proud that our energy consumption is down 5% from this time last year.

What we are planning to work on next

Our main future campaign is composting. All the teachers will be taking a workshop at the end of March from the CBE Eco Team. We were awarded $1000 from Encana to pay for the bins. We hope to introduce the school to this campaign before June so we can get started in September 2010! We’ll get all of the classrooms to start composting their organic waste. By the end of the year, we’ll put the soil from the composts into our school gardens and have a nice, healthy garden!

Other Campaigns

We’ve been doing more than water conservation; we’ve also been continuing our energy saving campaign like “Going Out! Light’s Out!” Our Mac computers go on automatically at 9 o’clock each morning and turn off at 3:30 each afternoon. This was a change that The Green Machine got done last year.

Not only have we been doing water and energy conservation, we’ve also been… RECYCLING!!!! Destination Conservation is paper recycling to save trees and help out the environment. We recycle from all of the classrooms, the library, the workroom and the office about twice a month. We have a bin that a recycling company empties every 2 weeks or so.