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Glamorgan - 2010

Contact: Karen Mollerson

Team Name: G.S. Green Team

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

To lower our school electrical consumption by 10% in the 2009-2010.

What did we do?

  • went to individual classrooms and turned off lights
  • shut down the computer lab at the end of each school day
  • made awards for teachers who were energy conscious
  • Took inventories of electrical items around the school ( at least 350 electrical devices)
  • Used the Kill-A-Watt measuring devices
  • Met weekly as a team
  • Had special days where we shared treats during the meeting

The Best Part

  • Educating each other and the rest of the students and staff
  • Fun club
  • Feeling proud when electricity costs decrease
  • Educating your family members
  • Great opportunities to participate on field trips


  • Put up flyers
  • Share at assemblies
  • Daily announcements
  • Dedicated students
  • Weekly meetings

Comments about the Campaign

  • Positive feedback from everyone: teachers, parents and students are all very supportive
  • We have also had very supportive parent council members

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes, we have achieved a 10% reduction in electrical costs at Glamorgan Scool

What we are most proud of

  • Enthusiasm of the students
  • Sharing of ideas to cut energy costs
  • Supportive & helpful staff