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Janet Johnstone - 2010

Contact: Terri Tjostheim

Team Name: JJ Cares – Environment Club

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

Our school will consume less electricity in the current school year compared to the previous school year.

What did we do?

  • bi-weekly club meetings
  • energy consumption analysis
  • set an energy consumption goal
  • create “turn off the lights” and “turn off the computers” signs to be posted in the school
  • weekly announcements to remind others to turn off the electricity
  • computer server script to turn off computers at the end of each day automatically
  • invited Roy Strum to teach our club how to use energy use measuring tool
  • Power Down Party – entire school to use no electricity for entire day

The Best Part

Not done yet!


Any amount of reduction in energy consumption is worth the effort. No amount is too small.

Comments about the Campaign

Students, staff and parents are excited to be doing their part to reduce energy consumption.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Don’t know yet. We will measure our electricity consumption after our Power Down Party to see if all of our efforts have made a difference.

What we are most proud of

I am most proud of our students’ tireless ideas and efforts for our campaign and their understanding of how their actions can impact our planet.