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Prince of Wales - 2009

Contact: Joan Hammond

Team Name: Prince of Wales Recycling Team

Team Type: Class

Campaign Goal:

The goal of our campaign was to get the students and staff to turn off lights when they leave a room and shut down computers when they are not using them.

What did we do?

  • Put stickers on all light switches and light panels as well as the computer lab and computer stations.
  • Reminders by posters made by the grade 4’s (our recycling group).
  • Grade 4 students offered encouragement to others when they noticed lights and computers were being turned off.

The Best Part

The best part was the grade 4’s thought they had made a difference.


Everyone needs to buy into the campaign. It was touch to keep it going with our main recycling campaign continuing and all the other things going on in the school.

Comments about the Campaign

The school population thought it was a good idea and the parent council supported us – they wanted us to do more if we could!

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes, for our first crack at it we managed to make some difference. Lights and computers were off more frequently.

Other Campaigns

We continued our recycling program, which we piloted 3 years ago with our Grade 4’s – they take it very seriously.