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Redfish Elementary - 2011

Campaign Goal:

To increase awareness of the importance of water to life, to have families understand the abundance of water in our community and to understand that not all parts of the world are so blessed!

What did we do?

  • created a lot of enthusiasm around water
  • had all children in Grade 3-5 create an inquiry project around water
  • had the primary children do class projects around water
  • read and discussed the book ‘One Well’ to all children
  • held a water inquiry day where we explored different issues around water
  • engaged our parents in a variety of ways, including watching the film ‘One Water’ together
  • invited our MLA to share her passion with the children around water
  • partnered with Columbia Basin Trust in a number of activities around our own watershed
  • studied the animals that share our basin
  • mapped the water sources of all of our students and staff
  • held a water walk to raise awareness and funds for children in countries who don’t have access to fresh water or sanitation

The Best Part

ALL of it!! The enthusiasm, learning and life changing results that came about from a shared study, a community interest and a staff commitment. Everyone made personal connections that matter.


Choose a topic, encourage teachers to integrate into curriculum and encourage classes to take on projects of their choice to share with the entire school.

Comments about the Campaign

Parents loved it and comments were made like “I notice my child now turning the water off without being told” “Do you know what my child taught me today” “This has changed the way we look at water as a family” “We are so lucky to live where we do”

Did We Reach our Goal?

goal of awareness: YES goal of making a difference: ABSOLUTELY Results: We created a program that moved between individual, class, and family ownership, Integrating a very essential global issue into all realms of our students’ lives. Our goal was that now, our students will watch how they use water in their lives with appreciation and responsibility AND as our students become older, and politically responsible for this global resource, they will remember this project and the global connection we made together

What we are most proud of

The high engagement of our entire school community – our students, staff and parents really became interested together in this issue – from their homes, to our local water sources, to the globe. AMAZING!

What we are planning to work on next

Not sure yet – we still need to complete our global water walk next week.

Additional Info

It was great to share the interest with our MLA, Michelle Mungall, and to have the interest of the Columbia Basin Trust as we worked on this important project.