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Canyon Heights Elementary - 2011

Team Name: Water Wizards

Team Type: Club

What did we do?

The Water Wizards is a group of 20-25 Grade 3 and 4 children that meets every Thursday Lunch time in the school library. Over the course of the year we have learned about water, its uses in our daily lives, the water cycle & pollution and how lucky we are to have clean water. The children started the year talking about what they use water for and discovered about water consumption for various activities. They conducted experiments to see how much water may be wasted during regular use around the home and garden. The children found out that we are very lucky to have so much clean water and copious rainfall. In other parts of the world clean water is a scarce resource. The children carried water in containers and learned that some children cannot go to school, as they have to collect water for their families. The Water Wizards decided to hold a penny drive and raised enough money to purchase 4 wells through Plan Canada. We also investigated the topic of pollution and decided to make “Drain Fish” reminders to make people think before they pour waste into our drains. Many drains lead directly to fish habitats. We adopted a male Orca called Surf through the Vancouver aquarium using money raised from recycling juice boxes. It was important to share the message with the whole school and we were fortunate to have the “Stream of Dreams” program at our school in April. The Water Wizards shared their knowledge throughout the year in many ways, from a notice-board to morning announcements and from skits in assembly to signs to spread the word that clean water is a precious resource.