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Rolla Traditional - 2011

Team Name: Water Buffalos

Team Type: Grade 4/5/6/7

Campaign Goal:

To conserve water.

What did we do?

  • We made posters to go in the bathroom to remind students to flush the toilet once and to turn off the taps
  • We send out a survey/letter to Mr. Petersen, he delivers our water, to see how much we use, how often he fills up the tank, and how much water we use compared to other schools.
  • We have a water meter ordered which will be put in the office and will show us how much water is used on a daily/weekly basis.

The Best Part

Brainstorming ideas and informing the other classes about our ideas.


To talk to the person that delivers the water, if they have a cistern, and take the time to talk to other classes.

Comments about the Campaign

  • That we are doing good at reminding the younger kids to turn off the water.
  • When the water fountain was leaking, the school board was notified right away so it could get fixed asap.
  • We are doing a good job at conserving water.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We were able to identify a problem in the school and come up with a solution. We will not know how much water we actually conserve until the meter is hooked up.

What we are most proud of

Everyone working together to come up with great ideas.

What we are planning to work on next

Turning off lights as well as waste reduction.