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Vista Heights - 2011

Team Name: DC Angels

Campaign Goal:

To continue to operate established programs already running in our school and to educate new staff and students about our environmentally friendly philosophy.

What did we do?

  • Restarted our composting worm tubs
  • Ran a gym sale of most loved items on Earth day to raise money to donate to animals at the Calgary Zoo
  • Continued with all other recycling / energy conservation programs already operating in our school
  • Initiated our cell phone and battery recycling program

The Best Part

Our gym sale was a huge success and we raised $400.00 for local species animals.


We found this year quite challenging with our worm tubs, as a huge issue with fruit flies. We would suggest having worm tubs only in classrooms where staff members are interested in their well - being. Once you have fruit flies in your worm tubs, there is very little you can do to remove them. Gym sales of reused items, such as books, toys, household items, etc., work well and are highly motivating for children.

Comments about the Campaign

Everyone participated and enjoyed our gym sale.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We were successful with our gym sale, as the goal was to raise $250.00, which resulted in $400.00.

What we are most proud of

Our gym sale contributions to the Calgary Zoo.

Additional Info

Our custodian, Mr. B., looked after all of our recycling on a daily basis when he was emptying the garbage in each classroom. Mr. B. is truly “caring for our earth one classroom at a time”!