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Glamorgan - 2011

Team Name: Green Team

Team Type: Grade 2, 4, and Grade 5 students ( 30 student memb

Campaign Goal:

  • During the 2010-2011 school year, creation of Glamorgan’s Outdoor Living Classroom May 14 & May 28 – the outdoor garden will provide students with a practical space in nature where teachers can provide instruction in all subject areas.
  • Members of Glamorgan’s Green Team (grades 2-5) focused on Waste Management, specifically introducing the daily collection and composting of all student lunch leftovers as well as all other forms of recycling.
  • Daily classroom checks to reduce wasteful electrical consumption.
  • Promotion of litter-free lunches.
  • Initiating & promoting awareness within the community of the need to recycle, reuse, reduce & rethink

What did we do?

  • composted all vegetable peelings, apples cores, orange & banana peels, coffee grains etc. that could be put in our outdoor compost bin.
  • a continued emphasis on recycling of all paper, tin, glass, plastic and juice box/aluminum cans.
  • daily check of all classrooms to see that lights have been turned off
  • announcements in newsletters
  • special presentations during school assemblies
  • Earth Day awareness
  • Wear a Sweater Day ( school furnace turned off) February 2011
  • Wheel to School Day June 1st , 2011
  • Gardening Club May 2011
  • Construction of Outdoor Living Classroom ( Glamorgan Scool & Glamorgan School Council and with support of CBE and grants from Conoco Phillips)

The Best Part

  • Student enthusiasm, dedication & participation on a daily basis participation
  • Pride in promoting the 4R’s
  • Parent support for the Outdoor Classroom
  • Field Trips with Destination Conservation


It’s easy; all you need is team spirit, a love for the environment and a green thumb

Comments about the Campaign

That the children really enjoyed being a part of the Green Team

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes, we have met our goals - Celebration of accomplishments including ribbon-cutting of the Outdoor Classroom on June 24, 2011

What we are most proud of

  • The Outdoor classroom (fresh air, no need for electricity & enjoying the outdoors)
  • Instilling a sincere concern and awareness for our environment, a sense of belonging and a need to improve and help reduce pollution and wasteful consumption
  • Lowering operating costs for electricity expenditure

What we are planning to work on next

  • Following the input of the student towards developing new projects
  • Maintenance of the Outdoor Living Classroom
  • Pursuit & Investigation of solar panels ??
  • Environmental pursuits – no toxins in households
  • Fossils fuels – negative impact

Additional Info

  • Teachers Jonathan Miller & Maria Bianco for their work with the Green Team
  • Support from our administrative team Mrs. D. Schneidmiller & Mr. M. Klaassen