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Royal Oak - 2011

Team Name: Super Savers

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

    We had two goals:

  • Education on proper recycling
  • To get everyone in the school to "Turn it off!"-reduce electricity consumption

What did we do?

Royal Oak School is a LEED building; we recycle drink containers, plastic, cardboard and paper. At the beginning of the year we noticed students and staff were mixed up about what and where to recycle. We excavated the recycling bins and were surprised to find banana peels and dirty plastic food containers thrown into the clean plastics bin. We decided that we needed to educate the school about recycling before starting the energy investigation. We made an iMovie and wrote an awesome rap to promote recycling in our school.

After completing the energy investigation we discovered we were wasting a lot of energy by leaving Smart Boards, computers and lights on. To battle this problem we launched our TURN IT OFF!!! Campaign. We made another iMovie to encourage staff and students to turn electronics off when not in use. We launched our campaign at a school assembly and followed with announcements reminding students and staff to save energy. In March we held “Wear a Sweater Day” and turned down thermostats in classrooms a couple degrees. Students and staff started some new fashion trends in their fantastic sweater apparel. Super Saver club members are currently working hard on their own creative iMovies that promote conserving energy and recycling. Coming soon to a theatre near you: CSI investigators follow the trail of energy wasters; Bill Nye the expert guy shows us what to do and what not to do when recycling.

The Best Part

The best part was the enthusiasm and creativity of the students


Weekly meetings helped by giving us enough time to complete the energy investigation and launch a campaign.

Comments about the Campaign

Students and staff really enjoyed our assembly and tried to remember to turn electronics off in their classrooms.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We did manage to reduce energy use in the school.

What we are most proud of

We are proud that we are making students and staff energy savers.

What we are planning to work on next

We would like to work on water conservation and/or waste reduction.

Additional Info

Thank you to Conoco Phillips for giving us a $ 1000 dollar grant. We used the money to purchase audiovisual equipment that we used to make promotional iMovies.