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Wilma Hansen Middle School - 2011

Team Type: Service option

Campaign Goal:

To revitalize and clean up the front foyer and front flower beds around the school.

What did we do?

  • weeded-cut out suckers/mulched/to do –planting perennials and annuals in beds in spring/ picked up litter
  • cleaned up front atrium-installed a fountain and green plant material-more plant material to arrive with good weather

The Best Part

Positive comments by visitors to the school and staff and students on how much better cared for the grounds appeared.


Try and get some financial assistance (Conoco Phillips) supported us and be prepared for lots of man-hours in labor.

Comments about the Campaign

Much improved-loved the sound of water and was nice to students working outside on behalf of the school.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We have not yet reached our goal-will finish by June as need better weather for planting/snow to leave ground outside and plant materials to be moved inside without risk of freezing in transport.

What we are most proud of

Students sweat equity in the project and the fact they are keeping better care as a whole-less garbage etc

What we are planning to work on next

Like to start a horticultural club where we begin our own seedlings to plant into containers and display in the atrium and outside beds. These students would also maintain the watering, fertilizing etc of the project as an extension of the class.

Additional Info

Conoco Phillips huge thank-you-CBE small grant-Edwards Garden Centre for their consulting and financial generosity-Suzanne Ismail.