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Canyon Heights Elementary - 2012

Team Name: Garbage Gators

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

Waste Reduction!

What did we do?

Every Friday at lunch, about 12-15 children (between Grades 2 to 5) engaged in activities related to DC’s Year 3 focus on Reducing Waste. We thought a mascot would capture attention, so we created a contest in which students from our school could submit an entry based on our name, the Garbage Gators. Once a mascot was chosen, “Garbage Gator” delivered catchy messages, which were posted around the school. During one of DC planning sessions, our group came up with a song to deliver waste reduction messages. This song was based on the tune, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Also, during the planning session, a catchy slogan was formulated. “1, 2, 4, 5! Help to keep the world alive!” was incorporated into the song and became one of the catchy messages posted around our school with Garbage Gator. The Garbage Gators assessed what Canyon Heights is currently doing to reduce waste. They discovered that many initiatives were already in place, such as drink recycling, a move towards recyclable packaging for hot lunches, paper recycling, etc. The question became, “What are some other things we can teach our community?” We came up with the idea of a battery drive. This was an initiative that was concrete, meaningful to the young children in Garbage Gator, and certainly a campaign that they could get excited about (just like last year’s idea of the Wishing Well Penny Drive). DC workshops have been valuable in terms of getting a view of what the initiative are at other schools. We were able to get ideas and it gave us a large chunk of time to plan and strategize. Because most of our students are young, the content of DC was, at times, beyond their level of comprehension. Even though there are hands-on activities, it is still a significant amount of time for them to sit and absorb information.

What we are most proud of

I believe the success of Garbage Gators goes to the parent volunteers, who have developed all the activities for the children. The two ladies were dedicated and very knowledgeable about waste reduction. They prepared materials, motivated the children, and taught them valuable information. My part was that of a sponsor. In terms of being one of the winners for BC Green Games, a significant difference in this year’s entry was that the submission had more student involvement. A framework was created, and with the involvement of the children from Garbage Gators, we were able to communicate our messages.