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Mount View - 2012

Team Name: Waste Warriors

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

We found that a lot of the garbage waste was compostable items. We emptied out all of the schools garbage after lunch and sorted it. (Compost, paper recycling, bottle recycling, garbage). The goal of our campaign was to start a composting program in our school. We researched how to compost and what we could put in it. After our class was clear we put together an assembly to teach the rest of the school about composting and to explain what to do with their fruit and vegetable scraps at lunch.

What did we do?

  • Announcements
  • School Assembly
  • Posters

The Best Part

Getting to sort through the garbage to see our progress and watching the compost fill up in the outside bin.


Remind, remind, remind. Always be doing announcements and letting the school know how they are doing (good and bad)

Did We Reach our Goal?

Garbage sorting improved. The second time we went through the garbage we had half the amount of compostable items as the first time. In June on our third sort we would like to have no compostable items in the garbage.

What we are most proud of

We are proud about how much compostable items we have taken out of the landfills.

What we are planning to work on next

Putting compost bins out at recess so snack can be composted as well.