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Mountain Park - 2012

Team Name: Dirt Divas and Dudes

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

We worked on recycling, to have less garbage and each Tuesday we worked to get whole school to go trash less. The goal was to lessen our waste for the caretakers each night. We wanted to raise awareness and participation with recycling, litter less lunches.

What did we do?

  • We started Trashless Tuesdays with the grade 5's
  • We had Trashless Tuesdays once a week every week starting in early March
  • We had a bulletin board with information and pictures about “the Anatomy of a Trashless Lunch” and we had announcements!
  • We also took pictures of students “caught with a trashless lunch”!

The Best Part

  • We are a family
  • We trouble shoot through our problems
  • We help the earth together
  • We work well together
  • We are all friends


If your club wants to do Trashless Tuesdays we recommend taking all the garbage bins out of the hallways to prevent students from throwing their garbage out. Also It would be good idea to have someone watching the garbage bins so kids don't throw their garbage out! If you have trouble getting everyone in the school to do it then focus on one grade. It will make it easier for the club and it still makes a differences in the eco-friendly system. Then after a while you can add in the other grades! As you when you start doing Trashless Tuesdays there will be many problems like students throwing their garbage away and students disobeying the rules. If this happens take note of it and tell teachers who can talk to them. If your club wants to do recycling here are some tips to consider. Instead of taking all the green bins outside to put in the large recycling bin, pour the green bins into a larger container and you can make fewer trips. This will save time and energy. Before you put paper recycling into the bin be sure all the material can be recycled. Be sure to do your recycling weekly, so the next week there will not be as much to do. If your school does this it will save alot in the environment. Imagine if you did not recyle how many recyclables would go to the landfill.

Comments about the Campaign

  • We are helping the school become more eco-friendly!
  • “How do you do recycling each week with the juice boxes taken out for 900 students?”
  • How we use our lunch time to participate in this club

Did We Reach our Goal?

The results of trash less Tuesdays was good with the grade five's because they would listen, they were very respectful, and they would show quite a bit of excitement. We measured the results by seeing how many people actually brought trash less lunches and there were a lot. We also did it by seeing and listening to peoples opinions. Then we also hosted Destination Conservation at our school, and turned out going really well and we felt really good about that.

What we are most proud of

  • Adopting a sea turtle from WWF
  • Doing recycling every Thursday
  • Doing Trashless Tuesdays
  • Our name!!! (Dirt Divas and Dudes)
  • How much we are helping the earth

What we are planning to work on next

  • Continue to recycle
  • Continue to encourage students in school to reuse, reduce and recycle (paper and drink containers)
  • Begin our water bottle campaign to get kids to stop buying disposable containers and start using a re-usable ones!
  • Continue Trashless Tuesdays with grade 5s and start with grade 6s right off in September.

Additional Info

We did Trashless Tuesdays every Tuesday and recycling every Thursday. I would like to recognize the whole club for coming every Tuesday and Thursday and Mrs.Ross for creating the club in the beginning of the year. Also, the grade five students of MPS tried to bring litterless lunches on Tuesdays and they were supportive of us!