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Royal Oak - 2012

Team Name: The Super Water Heroes Environmental Club

Campaign Goal:

We started the year by studying water issues in our community and in the city of Calgary. For example, we learned about watersheds and the importance of the glaciers as a source of water for our rivers. When we conducted our school investigation we found that the school already used water efficiently due to the LEED building design. Our toilets only use 4.6 litres of water per flush and our bathroom taps have a low flow design. We also surveyed the environmental club members about their water use at home. We felt the best place to influence people to reduce water use was in their homes. We also noticed a lot of students were drinking from plastic water bottles rather than using reusable water bottles and we were concerned about the amount of plastic water bottle waste in the school. We had two goals. Our first goal was to influence students and families to reduce water use at home. Our second goal was to encourage students to use reusable water bottles in order to reduce plastic water bottle waste in the school.

What did we do?

  • We made an iMovie that documented our investigation and pointed out our concerns.
  • We wrote a wrap to promote being water wise.
  • We wrote a news bulletin about wise water use at home and put this in the April school newsletter.
  • We launched our campaign at a school assembly and followed with announcements reminding students to be water wise.
  • We sold reusable stainless steel water bottles to students. We ended up selling 227 water bottles. Profits from this campaign will be donated to Canada World Youth’s Peru and Honduras student exchange. Young Canadian’s work along side Peruvian and Honduran youth to improve communities by participating in projects such as studying community water issues and building cooking stoves. In the fall, Canada World Youth participants will be returning from Peru to complete the second half of their exchange in Cochrane, Alberta. We are hoping they can come share what they are doing with students at Royal Oak School.

The Best Part

The best part was the enthusiasm and creativity of the students.


We tried having our meetings bi-weekly, but found we needed more time and for 3 months ended up meeting weekly.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We influenced students to use reusable water bottles.

What we are most proud of

Students enjoyed our assembly and supported us by buying reusable water bottles.

What we are planning to work on next

We would like to work on waste reduction.

Additional Info

Thank you to Conoco Phillips for giving us a $ 1000 dollar grant. We used the money to purchase cameras that we will continue to use at our local wetland to help document our work.