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University - 2012

Team Name: Kids Can Conserve

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

  • Group/club brainstorming –“Off with the lights”
  • Survey teachers, support staff, and care takers
  • Based on what we could change “right now”

What did we do?

  • Plan—reduce energy consumption school wide by promoting our “Off with the lights campaign”
  • We made energy tags for beside all light switches, announcements, posters, culminating assembly, theme song “Turn it off, turn it off”.

The Best Part

Kids can Conserve-Environmental Assembly


  • Promotion—posters, announcements, daily reminders (tags)
  • Theme song, taught school wide
  • Assembly –bringing the school community together with information

Did We Reach our Goal?

UES community came together at the “Off with the Lights” assembly to sing, talk, and reflect about what we could all do to reduce our energy consumption together. It was the Friday before Earth Day, so after we our assembly our entire school switched off the lights for an hour, in honour of Earth Day.

What we are most proud of

Student Surveyors—close work with caretakers and admin to monitor energy consumption within school. Measure/determine where most power is wasted

What we are planning to work on next

group has come up with ideas as to how to work on reducing paper towel waste, promoting the lights on campaign even more and monitor it, and to begin working on composting ideas