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Douglasdale School - 2012

Team Name: DDS Destination Conservation

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

We found that we had been sharing and teaching our classmates for the last few years. They were getting our message. Our families were not getting our message. We wanted to share our learning with our parents, our siblings, our extended family at home. Our goal was to create a fun way for people to find out what we have learned. When people have fun they are more likely to remember the message. We wanted to look at energy use.

What did we do?

  • Attended workshop in the fall
  • Looked at the work of past DDS DC groups
  • Talked about what we know about energy and what we do not know
  • Had fun playing a True – False game all about energy use.
  • Decided to write our own T-F game and discovered that we needed to know more
  • Each chose our own energy focus, researched using books, web sites and people
  • Created slideshows of our learning (games) and posted them on our school web site
  • Shared our games with our school at an assembly, with our families through our web site and QR codes that we took home and at the DC Green Gallery

The Best Part

Sharing our QR codes with our school friends using our t-shirts.


Find fun ways to share your message – it has to be fun, interesting and shared in new ways

Did We Reach our Goal?

We talked with our classmates and our parents to see if they had visited our site and our slideshows. Some people had visited. Some people wanted to use the QR code but did not have a QR code reader. They did not take the time to go to the school web site and click on the link – even though they could have done that without a QR reader.

What we are most proud of

The questions and excitement about our QR code tshirts was fun. People did not know what we were up to and it was fun to explain.

What we are planning to work on next

More web site sharing – maybe a Twitter account. DC members going to grade 5 at a different school next year created check lists, to do lists and calendar reminders about how they are going to be active in DC and environmental awareness next year.

Additional Info

Mrs. Dodd is our inspiration. She shared a book with us at our last meeting that inspired us.