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Chaparral School - 2012

Team Name: Destination Energy Savers (DES)

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

After discussing energy use in the school, we began our investigation by doing an inventory around the school to see where energy was being used. After we identified items that used energy, we used watt meters to find out how much energy was being used by each item. We also counted the number of lights used at the school to find out how much energy they used. We put this data into charts to identify which items use the most energy so that we could target it and reduce it. Through our investigation, we found out that our school had a problem with leaving on lights and computers when they were not being used. Over long breaks, people leave the SMART boards on sleep. As well, we noticed that each light had 3 lights in them and wondered whether this was necessary. Our data showed us that lights, computers and SMART boards were some of the largest users of energy. We also recognized that we could have more lights in the school for natural light. Using our results from our investigation, we decided that our goal should be to teach our school about how lights use a lot of energy and ways to reduce the amount of energy used. We also wanted to encourage people to turn off the lights in our school. To begin with, we came up with a name and a slogan that represented our goals.

What did we do?

  • We brainstormed ideas for how to communicate our goals with others. As a group, we chose the best ideas and worked over the year to plan and implement them.
  • We came up with a slogan for our campaign in order for people to have something cute and catchy to remember.
  • We wrote our own play about saving energy through changing the lights we use and remembering to turn them out. We presented this play to the school.
  • We created a bulletin board. The bulletin board showed others who we were, our investigations into saving energy and ways that they could reduce energy in school and at home.
  • We made announcements over the intercom to tell the school about turning off the lights and to announce the energy fair.
  • We planned and hosted an Energy Fair at lunch. Students come to play games and do activities that taught them how we use energy, how much energy we are using and how they can save energy.
  • We created our own song about turning off the lights.

The Best Part

The play and the Eco-Fair were the best parts of our campaign. We like the play because we were able tell people about our goals in person instead of people just reading things on their own. By doing a play to the whole school, we were able to reach all the students and teacher. The Energy Fair was great because it let students have fun while learning about energy. It was also a hands on event with real people to ask questions to.


Our advice to others would be to begin by talking to students. They should investigate and find out their own problem first. We think it is also important to find something catchy like a slogan for a campaign. We also think a play is a great idea to get your idea across.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Following the energy fair, we will be observing classrooms again to see if they are turning off their light. We will compare these to our old calculations to see if there is a change. We would hope to see that people had turned off the lights, computers were off and the blinds were open to let in natural light.

What we are most proud of

We are most proud of the fact that people are starting to get the idea about saving energy. We think we did a great job of presenting the play to the whole school. One students said, “Students recognized me around the school from Eco-Club and said “Be Bright! Turn off the light!”

What we are planning to work on next

Next year we would like to continue to work on energy saving in our school. We think it would be good to target new areas such as computers and appliances etc.