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Wilma Hansen Middle School - 2012

Team Name: Wilma Hansen Water Watchers

Team Type: Class

Campaign Goal:

Awareness of water issues in third world countries investigation included three guest speakers presenting problems they faced and how it can impact our world as a whole. We then set out to look at ways the school population could become more aware of these issues through promotional materials and displays. Our goal was to increase knowledge and awareness of water as a resource and how we can be both the problem, and the solution.

What did we do?

  • Appointed a core committee
  • Designed the activities-seniors tea, elementary outreach,in class presentation
  • Booked the presenters
  • Designed a water week of activities in the school led by students culminating in a keynote and awards.
  • Communication was through our school blogs, posters and front foyer displays

The Best Part

A number of students were able to be involved in workshops through outside organizations and hear exceptional presenters who motivated them to further action in the environment with a specific focus on water issues.


Try and access as much funding as you can through different agencies and have an understanding that it takes some time to get enthusiasm going and kids involved. Our program really developed steam over the year. Small group projects bulding on large group iniatives seemed to work for our school over the two semesters.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We journalled reflections on our small group involvment and then the students must make presentations to larger class on what they have learned.

What we are most proud of

The students always comment on how much they have learned and parents like the opportunity for their child to have an enrichment activity in a small group above and beyond the curriculum. Students like having a special activity that they are chosen for and in many cases it is students that would not be picked for enrichment. Custodians like it because we do a huge amount of clean up in and around the school by maintaining front flower beds, picking up litter and recycling. This also shows pride in the school and its facilities. Teachers support the program as long as it is not extra work for them.

What we are planning to work on next

Our project will be ongoing because the focus just keeps expanding with our horticultural practices and the maintenance required. Our school is also becoming smaller so it becomes a larger job for fewer students.

Additional Info

Thanks so much Laura and Marnie for the special opportunity given to Wilma students to have a workshop on its own. Your enthusiasm is infectious for the students and myself.