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Lake Bonavista - 2013

Team Name: Green Team

Campaign Goal:

When recycling the Green Team members were noticing that there were a lot of paper towels being put in the recycling bins, on the floor next to the garbage cans and in the garbage. Students also brought up that they notice many paper towels are thrown around in the bathrooms. They spoke with our school facility operator and found out that our school uses a lot of paper towels. Students brainstormed possible campaign topics and ways that they could engage the school body with their campaign. Ideas students thought of were to revive and improve: - “Going Out? Lights Out!” to working periodically with only one set of lights on - Encourage recycling more plastic yogurt, applesauce and pudding type containers by having a building tower competition amongst the classes. - Reducing paper towels throughout the school

What did we do?

  • Student article in the newsletter re: Destination Conservation and what our Green Team learned from the workshop.
  • Slogan “One World, One Love, One Paper Towel”
  • Wrote a song with a school educational assistant and facility operator.
  • Sang the song at an assembly with the facility operator playing the guitar.
  • Presented the campaign at an assembly.
  • Reminder posters posted on paper towel dispensers saying, “One World, One Love, One Paper Towel”
  • Announcements reminding students of their campaign.

The Best Part

Students enjoyed putting the campaign out there for the student and staff body through writing their own announcements and scripts for the assembly. They had fun creating recording measurement tables for the facility operator. Students enjoyed getting other adults in our building involved creating and singing the campaign song.


Let the students take charge and write the scripts and voice their ideas of how to get the students to buy into their campaign. Teachers guide the process and become the scribes.

Did We Reach our Goal?

With the help of our school facility operator we counted how many packages of paper towels our school was using within a week to gain a base of how many packages we were using. We were using 73 packages per week for a school of 300 students. Next the Green Team campaigned to reduce the use of paper towels. After a period of time, with the help of our school facility operator we counted how many packages of paper towels our school was using within a week. He told the students that there definitely were less paper towels used as he hadn’t needed to restock the paper towel holding shelves the same amount.

What we are most proud of

Staff and facility operator were extremely proud of the Green Team students efforts.

What we are planning to work on next

A few students are still excited about having students wash and dry recyclable plastic containers and have a competition to build a unique tower with them. They say that they frequently see plastics in the garbage that should be going into the recycle bin – it simply needs to be washed.

Additional Info

Mr. Lafleur, our school facility operator. He is always asking how he can help and encouraging the students as they recycle and promote being green. Twice a week he assists them in getting rolling bins ready to collect recycling materials and deposits it into the outdoor recycle bin afterwards. Mr. Lafleur has also gone out and purchased more juice box / bottle recycle bins and has put them in more convenient locations resulting in less refundable recyclables going into the garbage. Weekly he collects these cans, bottles and juice containers and stores them until a bottle recycler picks them up. The funds go back to the Green Team to use to attend Destination Conservation Workshops and other initiatives within our school. He is amazing!