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Wilma Hansen Middle School - 2013

Campaign Goal:

The DC Team at Wilma Hansen worked on a horticultural project this year. Funding issues delayed the project slightly. Goals were set and students decided who, how, where and why they would put campaign in motion. Education of the student body was big goal so this the team divided up into committees and how they would present it

What did we do?

  • To reach our goals the team decided on what projects to work on, set timelines and instituted the plan.


If time is limited, our advice is to make sure you have a strong student body that is very motivated or it will be hard to accomplish your goals. Try to get as many involved as possible so that the workload is lighter.

Did We Reach our Goal?

At the end of June we plan to have a big celebration of our harvest by providing the class with a snack from our organic garden. We won the Mayor’s Citizenship in Action award for all the CBE-student representatives. Well done and thank you for your hard work!

Additional Info

We would like to say thanks so much to Laura for all your hard work over the past few years, it is always the people who make the program and your leadership with Marnie has been exceptional.

Other Campaigns

In addition to their project Wilma Hansen’s DC team also hosted a horticultural/ good earth themed workshop for CBE students at the year end celebration. Teachers and DC staff were blown away by the student’s passion and enthusiasm! Well done!