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Hillhurst School - 2013

Team Name: The Green Machine Team

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

The Green Machine Team at Hillhurst Elementary worked on a water reduction initiative this year. A problem that we found in our school was that students brought too much litter. Destination Conservation hosted an activity in which students sorted through all the garbage our school had produced in 1 week. More than 80% of the garbage was from lunches. Following that event, we set a goal to reduce the amount of garbage our school produced. As most of the litter came from lunchtime, we knew we had to base our movement on lunch. We also had a goal to continue to reduce the amount of electricity and water we use in the school.

What did we do?

  • We continued to raise awareness for our energy and water conservation initiatives by making posters and hanging them in prominent places around the school as well as frequently making announcements during morning announcements reminding students and staff what a great job they were doing
  • However our focus this year was waste reduction and Litter less Lunches:
  • The DC Team hosted a Litter less Lunch each month
  • Put articles in the School newsletter about Litter less Lunch
  • DC members visited each classroom to speak about the importance of a Litter less Lunch and showed examples of what to bring
  • Prizes – stuffed animals from WWF were given to the 3 classes who brought the most reusable containers/had the least amount of litter

The Best Part

Our litter less lunches were very successful and classes were very enthusiastic about them. We reminded students to try to make every lunch a litter less lunch and now we think the amount of garbage has been reduced.


Really try to get into the events that you host is our number one tip! We went into classrooms to speak with students, made announcements frequently and always had posters up for each lunch (made on paper from the recycling box and we always used the same posters – we just changed the date). We always tried to lead by example and brought litter less lunches as much as we could.

Did We Reach our Goal?

We think there is less litter generated at lunchtime now. Everyone is a lot more aware of keeping Earth green and using reusable containers. We measured by counting the amount of litter from each classroom after each litter less lunch.

What we are most proud of

We are the proudest of how most students participated eagerly. Parents said that it was a good chance to change some less environmentally friendly habits in their families. Students’ favourite part was getting the prizes.

What we are planning to work on next

We want to set up a paper towel recycling and battery recycling program going forward. We would like to add that we are currently running a very successful composting program and that we finally have some rich, dark, compost developing in our bins that will be used in our school gardens.