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West Dover School - 2013

Team Name: West Dover Eco Team

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

The West Dover Eco Team was concerned over the high energy and water usage at their school. We discussed areas of concern/things that we noticed with students, teachers, parents and custodians. We decided that energy usage was a good starting point and set our goal to lower our overall energy usage in the school.

What did we do?

  • Club members documented energy use class-by-class twice weekly which was communicated by assembly (video and students speaking)
  • Light Bulb Award given to class with lowest energy consumption (announced monthly)
  • Dining in the dark - both lunchrooms eat in dark once a week which was communicated by club members presenting in the lunchrooms at lunch

The Best Part

The Eco team video was the most exciting part of our campaign. The students were 100% involved in planning and execution. They were very excited to do the video and proud of the product. Students in the audience watching the video were engaged and interested.


Our top tips are give yourself lots of time, have a monthly meeting that does not have to be set in stone, be flexible, have parents involved with some of the activities (encourages community, have students take the lead sometimes, but provide direction (efficiency) and most importantly have fun!

Did We Reach our Goal?

As a result of our campaign, students are more aware of the lights in the room, they remind teachers to turn off lights/smart board/computers! Teachers are more aware of what lights are necessary for student learning and energy usage has declined!

What we are most proud of

We are extremely proud of student advocacy including high level of excitement, engagement and commitment. The teachers loved that their students wanted to do better/excited. Staff enjoyed enjoyed student involvement and parents enjoyed being a part of this process and liked how students were involved in something that benefits the school.

What we are planning to work on next

Next year we would like to continue with Dining in the Dark and Energy Conservation and expand our initiatives to include water conservation and recycling program. This was a big yearlong commitment and everyone involved impresses us.