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Hillhurst School - 2014

Team Name: The Green Machine

Campaign Goal:

Our goal was to reduce the number of pieces of paper used in the school. We wanted to reduce the number of pieces of paper that are put into the recycling bin. We also wanted to keep our composting program going and increase the number of people bringing a litterless lunch each Wednesday – Litterless Lunch Day.

What did we do?

  • We have been composting for 4 years now and it is part of the school so we did not have to investigate. We did have to introduce the program to each classroom and remind students through morning announcements and classroom posters. For reducing the amount of paper, we found out the total number of pieces of paper that were printed in our school copiers in 2012-2013 from our principal. We will compare that number to the total in 2013-2014 at the end of June.
  • We learned that many students and staff use only 1 side of a piece of paper. As well, we learned that many pieces of paper are put into the recycling bin that can be reused for other things. From interviewing the principal, we learned that the school purchases recycled paper and that the Office counts how many pieces of paper are used by all the school copiers and printers.
  • We worked on 2 problems. We worked on trying to reduce the amount of paper that is used in the school and we worked on reducing the amount of organic waste through our composting program as well as having a Litterless Lunch every Wednesday.
  • Paper use - interviewed principal to find out how much paper Hillhurst used, made morning announcements and put up classroom posters to inform students and staff about how to reduce the amount of paper used, DC members led by example.
  • Litterless Lunch - increased the number of litterless lunches to every Wednesday, DC members visited each classroom to show how to pack a litterless lunch, DC members made posters to put into each classroom, morning announcements to remind and thank everyone for bringing a litterless lunch, put in reminders into the monthly school newsletter and website.
  • Composting – DC members visited each classroom to demonstrate what food items could be composted, made morning announcements at the beginning of the year to remind students, put classroom posters up to remind students, collected compost bins each Friday and put compost into outside bins.

The Best Part

We liked going into the classrooms and presenting as well, we liked going on morning announcements.


The biggest challenge we had was trying to get more people to bring litterless lunches and getting more people to use paper wisely. We just kept on with our morning announcement reminders and we also remembered to congratulate everyone who was already doing these things. Our advice for others is to just keep on trying and never give up! Remember to always be a good role model. Make sure that the classroom teachers know what you are doing because they like to reinforce your message.

Comments about the Campaign

“I think that Destination Conservation has a great program. These students are good role models as to how everyone should care for the environment.” teacher

Did We Reach our Goal?

Most people in the school compost including the staff. Many people bring a litterless lunch every day, not just on Wednesdays including the staff. Everyone in the school knows how to compost and know what a litterless lunch is. Most students and staff know our logo “It’s just that simple” because we say it after each announcement and it is on all our posters. We think that we have heightened all the schools awareness of why it is important to reduce our amount of waste such as just putting paper into the recycling bin, but not everyone does it. We will have the total number of sheets of paper used in the printers and copiers by the end of the year. It was hard to count pieces of paper in each classroom recycling bin! DC members made a rough estimate as to how many people brought litterless lunches each Wednesday. We know that each classroom and the staffroom is composting because the compost bins have peels and cores and left over veggies in them when we collect the bins each Friday.

What we are planning to work on next

Put some of the compostable soil into our school gardens. Keep on reducing the amount of paper the school uses.

Additional Info

DC members from this year need to be part of the team next year and we need new members from each class to help carry on.