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West Dover School - 2014

Team Name: Eco Team

Campaign Goal:

Students noticed taps were being left on and paper towel was being over-used so we decided to set goals to reduce water and paper towel usage. Reduce water usage Reduce paper towel usage

What did we do?

  • Posters placed in bathrooms as reminders
  • Morning announcements
  • Weekly energy surveys
  • “Dining in the Dark”

The Best Part

Highlights included: Energy checklist, DC workshop hosted at our school, making the posters, being successful with keeping lights off, “Dining in the Dark”, learning new things – water available for humans (info from DC workshop) and more people who wanted to join our team.


Our biggest challenge was informing students about our wish to reduce water usage. Our advice to others includes laminating posters in the bathroom (and put them up higher), “Dining in the Dark” once a week is a nice thing to do to conserve energy and checklists can be useful.

Comments about the Campaign

Teacher’s were willing to support us and Administration thanked us all for our work to help our school.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Energy-use has been cut down (students excited to participate to win a “prize” for turning off lights) but we still have some work to do regarding water usage. We measured our results using an energy checklist and students observations.

What we are planning to work on next

For our campaign to continue, we need more people join, we need to pay attention to problem areas and remind students about the Eco Team. Moving forward we want to continue energy conservation, continue with water conservation / paper towels and tackle garbage outside in the school grounds.