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Mountain Park - 2014

Team Name: Dirt Divas and Dudes

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

This year we continued on working towards making our school more eco-friendly by reducing the amount of waste created per student. We further refined our Trashless Tuesday program, ran a school-wide sweater day and encouraged teachers to turn down their thermostats for the day, and educated the student body about the dangers of cosmetics to both the environment and their bodies!

What did we do?

  • We continued to have Trashless Tuesdays for grade five and six students. We improved this program this year by giving out trashless tickets to students who brought a trashless lunch. These tickets were entered into a monthly draw to give the students eco-friendly prizes like recyclable water bottles or stencils!
  • We further improved our Trashelss Tuesday plan as well by starting “Trashless Trackers” in each classroom. These were lists of the student’s names who eat in these classrooms, and they were awarded with a sticker for each trashless lunch they brought to school.
  • We measured the success of our Trashless Tuesday program by doing a garbage dissection. We used these findings to keep in touch with the student body at our school by providing them updates as to what we saw in the trash, and provided them with ideas as to how to reduce the waste in their lunch. We posted posters around the school encouraging students to bring in reusable containers, and encouraged them to bring home items like jello cups, plastic spoons, or straws to be recycled in their blue bins at home. We also made announcements to the whole school about eco-friendly options for their lunch kits at school-wide assemblies!
  • We’ve contacted a CBE representative about starting a school-wide plastics recycling program. We’ve measured the amount of trash our school has used, posted it up in the foyer, and encouraged our school to reduce the trash by 5%!
  • We also took pictures of students “caught with a trashless lunch” and put them up on a bulletin board.
  • We had a sweater day in late February when it was really cold. We encouraged students to wear a sweater to school, and for teachers to turn down the heat in their classrooms! We had over 1/3 of our school population wear a sweater!
  • Ran Fresh-Faced Fridays to encourage students to not buy cosmetics in wasteful packaging, and educated students on the risks of some cosmetic products to both the environment and their personal health!

The Best Part

We all have an eco-mindset and are committed to making a difference in our school! We trouble shoot through our problems We aren’t afraid to stand up for our planet! We keep a positive attitude and encourage our large school population to follow in our footsteps by our positive example. We go Fresh Faced to support both the environment and natural beauty – the way mother earth intended us to be!


The key to success with our programs this year was really getting out and communicating with the student body about what we were planning, awarding their participation with incentives, and being open in communicating with them as to what our next campaign was. We’ve found that kids loved to be caught in the action of being eco-friendly and like to be rewarded for their task. If you run a trashless Tuesday program, try out a trashless tracker! They are simple to make, all you need to do is post up a classlist in the lunchroom of the students who eat there. Kids were encouraged to see their names get checked off each week for bringing in a literless lunch, and also liked getting a trashless ticket! If you want to run a “Fresh Faced Friday” program, you will have success by educating the students at your school about the hidden environmental and health hazards associated with the products they use. You can see our PowerPoint that we used to educate the student body attached on this page. From there, it’s pretty easy to get kids to come to school Fresh Faced as they want to be healthier!

Comments about the Campaign

"It’s great to be a leader and to make change!", "Trashless Tuesday is a great way to reduce the waste at your school!", “Put your Fresh Face Forward on Fridays! Be a natural beauty or hunk!”.

Did We Reach our Goal?

The results of trash less Tuesdays program was good. Although we haven’t reduced our total school waste by the 5% we were hoping for, we do notice that kids are starting to have a more eco-mindset when packing their lunches, and are starting to make a more conscious attempt of using reusable products in their lunches. We can tell this because we have seen a reduction in plastics in our school trash from our various garbage dissections! Our Fresh Faced Fridays program has really started to pick up steam. The boys and girls at our school are noticing that their favourite cosmetics are not only bundled in various types of non-recyclable packaging, but can also have cumulative negative effects on their health and well being! Many kids are starting to put their “Fresh Face Forward” on Fridays, and other days of the week. We hope this continues next year!

What we are most proud of

Refining and seeing greater success with out Trashless Tuesday program. How our little steps are leading to big changes in the mind set of our 900 + student community. How we are encouraging everyone to be Fresh Faced and Fabulous!

What we are planning to work on next

Continue to recycle Continue to encourage students in school to reuse, reduce and recycle (paper and drink containers). Continue Trashless Tuesday. Expand the ideals of Fresh Faced Fridays