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Lake Bonavista - 2014

Team Name: Green Team

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

Following our investigation, we set a goal to work on water and environmental conservation by reducing the number of juice boxes and single serve water bottles, whilst increasing the number of reusable water bottles on site. Our goal was to have all 300 students using reusable water bottles!

What did we do?

  • We started by making announcements that water bottles were going on sale for students to purchase and use.
  • We made further announcements about how the use of reusable water bottles helps our environment.
  • We made a presentation at assemblies to share campaign and remind students of our goal and share visuals.
  • We created a chart and a graph to show students how close we were to reaching our goal.
  • We put visuals near the music room so every class would see them twice a week.
  • We collected data twice a week for three weeks to see if there was a difference after our campaign.

The Best Part

Presenting at the assembly was really exciting for some students. Making a difference to the environment was also important to the majority of the students.


Our biggest challenge was to share their goal with the entire school community. We did so by creating a variety of morning announcements, presenting at school assemblies, creating a board to track our progress and promoting the purchase of the water bottles. Our advice to others is to provide reminders for your school community on a regular basis. They want to participate but some students, especially the younger ones, need reminders.

Comments about the Campaign

Students enjoyed being able to help the environment and purchase a Lake Bonavista School water bottle, the money raised from the sale of water bottles was sent to Grace House in Cambodia, a school that Lake Bonavista supports each year.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Around 160 out of 300 students were using reusable water bottles on a regular basis at the end of our campaign. We measured our results using data collection charts.

What we are planning to work on next

In order for our campaign to continue we will need to remind students throughout the remainder of the year and again at the beginning of the next school year. Providing opportunities for students to acquire reusable water bottles , as the complementary room 9 campaign did this year, will also assist our campaign in its continued success. The students have talked about further reductions by focusing on putting juice into reusable containers, furthering our positive impact on the environment.

Additional Info

We plan to pass on our work through information in the form of charts and graphs which been accessible to all members of our school. Next years new team members will be reminded of these connections and returning members will share their in-depth knowledge and skills.