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Chinook Park - 2015

Contact: Brigitte Dallaire

Team Name: Eco Club

Team Type: Club

Campaign Goal:

Paper towel waste reduction.
 The goal is to REDUCE paper towel usage by half, from 120 packages to 60 packages of paper towel each month.

What did we do?

    We counted paper towel usage at our school. We identified that we were using 750 paper towels each day, or 120 packages of paper towel each month.

    Counting revealed that we were using twice the amount that the Calgary Board of Education recommends.

  • Sharing assembly
  • Slogan - “12 shakes and a fold”, “take one or none”
  • Demonstrations by eco club members of 12 shakes and a fold in individual classes at school
  • Weekly announcements and reminders
  • Sharing Ted Talks video about paper towels
  • Purchasing, placing, and educating about collection bins in each class room and bathroom to collect paper towels for recycling
  • Making hankies for all students and staff at the school to use instead of paper towels and hosting our schools first hanky day on Earth Day.

The Best Part

Our highlights included attending workshops, sharing at assemblies, and seeing tangible results. Seeing children with passion to create the change was inspiring.


Our biggest challenge was deciding on a project that was related to and real for our school. Our advice is to go step by step to measure before and after progress. Stay positive and communicate the message.

Comments about the Campaign

“Hanky day was Awesome, because it saved the Earth.” “Hanky day was great because it saved the trees.” “I only saw 2 paper towels in the garbage.” “It was good because we worked together.” “It was an amazing experience to witness the change children can make.” “It was great to see so many engaged kids doing something for the environment.” “I was very proud to be a part of Hanky Day” “Hanky Day was a great way to use up scrap fabric and help the environment”

Did We Reach our Goal?

    We are now counting 88 packages being used per month.

  • We have witnessed students, teachers, and the parent body sharing and celebrating our slogans.
  • Our efforts have reduced our paper towel usage by 27%
  • We anticipate our usage reduction to continue to increase after “HankyDay”.

What we are planning to work on next

  • Continuity in leadership.
  • Make Hanky Day happen each week.
  • Educate our school community about the importance of buying local and eating clean. We would like to make granola bars for the whole school and share the recipe.
  • Building interest through shared passion. We will invite all grade 3/4 students to submit their letters of intent to join eco club next year. We will encourage all grade 3 students to return to Eco Club next year so they can be leaders.

Additional Info

Our entire school participated!