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Lord Beaconsfield - 2009

Contact: Rochelle Wallace

Team Name: Green Machine

Campaign Goal:

To reduce the amount of drink containers that go into our school garbage

What did we do?

  • Assessed the need by collecting drink containers over the course of a week of lunches
  • Got involved in the VSB pilot project to collect refundable drink containers
  • Made posters to put around the school
  • Took classes outside to see what garbage they could collect on the school ground and found a number of drink containers
  • Cleaned and sorted
  • Returned containers for refund or recycling
  • Encouraged students to use refillable containers through discussion and posters

The Best Part

Seeing kids get excited about "garbage"


Make sure you set up a place to keep the containers and have your school custodian on board. Get kids involved at all levels - collecting, cleaning, sorting and returning. Ensure that recycling stations/bins are accessible.

Comments about the Campaign

Custodian wasn't always happy as there were so many containers in bags in one classroom. Teachers were excited, some students came and helped even though they were not a part of the Green Machine, and not too much feedback from parents.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Yes. Thus far we have collected over 800 recyclable drink containers

Other Campaigns

Yes. Less litter, garden project, water saving.