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Glendale School - 2009

Contact: Megan Liddell and Kara Rowley

Campaign Goal:

To raise school wide awareness around waste. The Grade One and Four students planned, introduced, and implemented this project to our school. They are responsible for the daily monitoring of our compost bins

What did we do?

  • Researched the role of compostable materials in our landfills.
  • Researched what could be composted on a school level.
  • Had a guest speaker from Clean Calgary come in an talk to us about compost.
  • Launched the initiative to the school on Earth day with student planned and run assembly.
  • Created an information board.
  • Daily maintenance of the bins.

The Best Part

How closely the Grade One and Four groups worked together. The students’ love composting, and this project has been a jumping off point for other Inquiry based projects around waste in our grade groups.


GO for it, this is a relatively simple and incredible important project. Get a Wingdinger from Clean Calgary which will eliminate the need to turn your compost.

Comments about the Campaign

This project has been a huge success so far. Teachers and students feel like they have a say in what goes into our landfills.

Did We Reach our Goal?

Our goal is to have a compost program be an integral of our school culture.

Other Campaigns

The Grade Fours worked on a Bio-fuels project and the Grade Ones worked on a waste in our world WALL-E II project where they had to address, identify, sort, and clean up the Earth.