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Hillhurst School - 2009

Contact: Diane Crowley

Team Name: The Green Machine

Campaign Goal:

To reduce the amount of energy used in our school.

What did we do?


  • We formed the Division 2 Destination Conservation Club.
  • We made a Power Point presentation to show to the Division 1 students because we wanted to include them in our group so the whole school would be represented.
  • We found and added the Division 1 reps.
  • November:

  • We attended the Destination Conservation Workshop – Energy 1.
  • There, we learned about saving energy by choosing energy efficient lights, appliances, and other household things.
  • We started to try to change the time that the computers turned on and off at school to save energy, but ran into many problems.
  • December:

    • With the Division 1 class reps, we presented a skit about recycling, turning off lights and turning off computers to the rest of the school at an assembly.
    • We started to collect and graph the amount of energy and the money we were spending on it from our principal, Mrs. Morrison.
    • We filled out the School Energy Snapshot chart. One column was for the amount of money and was coloured green. The other was orange and showed the amount of energy.
    • We posted all our information in the front hallway so that the whole school could see it.
    • January:

    • We borrowed Kilowatt metre's from the public library and measured how many watts and amps our printers, Mac books, Macs, and PC computers were using when they were on and sleeping.
    • February:

    • Students made weekly announcements and reminders about turning off computers and lights.
    • We went class to class explain about the importance of turning off lights and computers.
    • March:

    • We went to the second Destination Conservation Workshop.
    • We decided to launch a campaign that would help remind students to turn off the lights in their classrooms when they didn’t need them on.
    • We brainstormed ideas about how we could stop cars from idling in front of our school.
    • April:

    • Grade 1’s presented an announcement and Power Point presentation about conserving energy at their Earth Day assembly.
    • We got ready for our presentation at the next DC workshop.
    • May:

    • We continued with recording on our graph.
    • We attended the Green Gallery workshop.
    • June:

    • We did research on composting at school and hope to begin that in September.

    The Best Part

    Using the devices to measure how much electricity the computers used in KW and amps. We also went from classroom to classroom to check if the lights and computers were on or off. The Division 2 students also enjoyed attending the three workshops.


    DC is a great program and would really benefit your school and the people in it. It gets all grades involved working toward saving our earth.

    Comments about the Campaign

    Raised awareness around the school for teachers, students, staff, and parents. Made a big difference. Appreciated the students taking a role in conserving energy. It’s good to know that students can make a difference.

    Did We Reach our Goal?

    We partially reached our goal. We were successful in reducing the time that our school computers were on and not being used. We still have to pay a lot of money each month for energy.

    Other Campaigns

    Yes. We also worked on a campaign that focused on turning off the school’s lights whenever it was possible. We also collect paper and cardboard for recycling from the classrooms, office, library and work room. The lunchroom volunteers look after recycling juice boxes.